Body & Space – Motion tracking of putting on clothes

            Motion Design and Layout — “Body and space” describes the movement of an individual in a changing room on behalf of the client Knoblauch GmbH. 

To capture the space needed while changing clothes in form and content, a movement was analyzed by tracking the process of clothes changing. 

A line is simulating this particular process in a video sequence. Depending on the details of the motion the line can either be in the center or expands on the format. The partly transparent structure of the line, its size, the single particles, the form, movement and tempo, as well as the colors are taken from the information extracted from the item of clothing itself and the movement with it.





Four animations were created by using the same method to visualize this process. All four animations have the same aesthetic language as well as the grammar used to create those video sequences but differ in their individuality of movement due to the different types of clothing used.

The CD-Cover reflects the movements by putting the selected typography in a dynamic composition which is based on the time needed to put on the different clothes. A popup which appears when opening the cover takes up the point of movement aesthetically, sums up all four sequences substantially and works again as an own dynamic movement in space.



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