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My name is Luisa.

I’m a freelance communication designer and visual artist from Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

Growing up between two cultures I’ve always experienced the importance of building bridges at first hand. My passion for understanding and connecting seemingly mutually exclusive concepts and ideas is reflected by the way I work. I believe that visual communication as such has no borders. Therefore I don’t make a distinction between working on free projects or specific corporate challenges as long as it follows a sophisticated concept. 

Apart from engaging in creative work, I’ve developed a strong interest in consulting social startups and other inspiring entrepreneurs from all over the world in the areas of design and communication.

Current Work and Projects

Freelance Designer and Visual Artist. Agencies, companies, startups, collaborations, free work.

CEO and Head of Design and Marketing at LuBu, UG.

Design Consultant. Consultation for startups (especially of the Social Impact Lab startup incubator) and other companies.

Workshops. Branding, corporate identity and illustration workshops.

Design Coach for StartHope@Home*. Workshops and coaching for immigrants to enhance their branding and communication for their businesses as well as design skills as entrepreneurs in their home country.

*An initiative by: GIZ GmbH, Bundesministerium für Wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung and Social Impact GmbH


Since 2017, Design Coach and Consultant for startups at Social Impact Lab, Frankfurt.

2016, Graduation with distinction to state qualified Communication Designer at Academy of Visual Arts, Frankfurt.

Since 2013, Freelance Designer.

2012, Graduation A-levels. Major: Art and English.

2010-2013, Guide for museum tours in city museum of Hofheim.

2008-2012, Assistance for graphic design works at Mandelkern Marketing & Kommunikation GmbH.

Selected Workshops

November/Dezember 2020, Online, Branding 1×1. Workshop for female entrepreneurs to learn about branding, design and communication. Theory and practice. Social Business Women e.V., Frankfurt/Online.

May 2018, Germany: Corporate Identity 1×1. Workshop for startups to learn about branding, design, naming, wording and communication. Theory and practice. In cooperation with Aisha Camara, Social Impact Lab, Frankfurt.

May 2017, Germany:  Branding 1×1. Workshop for startups to learn about branding, design and communication. Theory and practice. Social Impact Lab, Frankfurt.

May 2016, France: 100 years after Verdun*. Illustration workshop and exhbition with french and german pupils on approaching an historical incidence through modern illustration. Niederbronn les Bains, France.

*A project by: Centre de rencontre Albert Schweitzer, Academy of Visual Arts, Frankfurt

May 2015, France: War stories*. Illustration workshop and exhibition with design students from Frankfurt and nuns from the monasteries Les Amis des Saisons Notre Dame and Saint Joseph. Niederbronn les Bains, France.

*A project by: Centre de Rencontre Albert Schweitzer, Academy of Visual Arts, Frankfurt

April 2015, Germany: Visual Novel*. Illustration and storytelling workshop. Frankfurt a. M., Germany.

*A project by: Academy of Visual Arts, Frankfurt

Exhibitions and Publications

2018, Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt, Germany. 100 Anniversary AVA. Exhibition. Presented work: “Der Sandmann”.

2017, NR Magazine UK, vol. 6 “Talent”, Article and free illustrations. www.nrmagazine.com

2016, Circus Club, Frankfurt, Germany. Deep Sea Party. Presented work: Light installation “Medusa Nocticula 7″.

2015, Tagesspiegel Berlin, “The digital Child”, Special Edition. Illustrations and visual concept in cooperation with Andree Volkmann and Carolin Först

2014, Berlin Germany. Knotunknot: Immigration*. Social Choreography and real-time translation of movements. Exhibition in Berlin Kreuzberg,  Hellersdorf and Eberswalde.

*A choreography by: Dana Caspersen

2011, Italy and Germany. Interscambio Culturale. Exhibitions of paintings. Buccino, Italy and Hofheim a. Ts., Germany

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