Space in between — A visual analysis of how we see things

            Photography, Illustration and Installation — This installation deals with the topic of in-between space or the “space in between”. Such space can be seen as a free, borderless space which isn’t graspable. On the search to find out how to visually capture an in-between space a creative process was developed which is presented in an installation. 

The essence of this work reflects the individuals perception or more precisely the way an individual sees things. The work shows the process of seeing and capturing this space on many levels. 

While looking at the installation and the single connected papers, the viewer is taken on a visual journey through the used lines, forms, colours and photographs taken in Morocco.

The installation appears as a whole but can also be seperated into pieces and rearranged. The character of a process is shown in the look of each paper and their presentation, as well as the composition which is oriented towards a scientific research similar to a mood board pinned on a wall.

The interaction of poetic and narrative content as well as the correspondence between the different levels, results and how they link to each other while looking at the installation lets the viewer discover a new and indivdual space in between.


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