Tarkib — A visualization of the arabic language

            Editorial and Illustration — “Tarkib” captures the hidden aesthetic of language. In the Islamic art typography (also letters or fragments of letters) play a special role. It’s seen as the most aesthetically pleasing design medium to create harmony through composition.                           

In general, words are compositions of letters. Combined in a sentence in order for us to either read/hear and understand or say/write to actively communicate.

To show another side of words and letters aside from the informative content that usually comes with language, a self-developed method allows to build alterable, visually pleasing compositions of words or letters.

For creating the forms that are essential for those compositions the movement when writing a letter is essential. The colours and gradients give an (hidden) explanation about which organs of speech you use to speak out loud and in what exact order you use them.

“Tarkib” (arab. combination, composition – syntactic and technical)


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