Knotunknot Recode II — A typographical choreography

            Infographic — “Knotunknot” is a choreographic dialogue that uses simple physical motion as a way to communicate. To choreograph means to physically arrange ideas. The choreographic situation in knotunknot displays a collective thinking of a whole group. Every participant talks about his/her perception on a certain topic, in this case “violence”, and their experience with it.

“Knotunknot – A typographical choreography” translates the physical motions of the participants in a typographical choreography which is based on a grid that results from an analysis of the procedure of the public dialogue. The grid contains information such as physical and mental motion and time needed to perform these actions.

The design is based on the meaning and etymology of choreography.

Choreia (dance) and graphein (to write)

Therefore the typography is written words that are moving and following choreographical rules in a fixed space.
You can find an individual, typographical form for every participant, a motion portrait, that appears coded but can be recoded with the knowledge about knotunknot itself.

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