GLM — When medicine meets architecture


            Branding – “Gemeinsame Liste Medizin – GLM” is the council of medical students in Frankfurt am Main. For their relaunch the council was looking for a logo that reflects their values of a young, innovative but still moderate and trustworthy community. The KOMM building is a house located at the medical campus of the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe University. Students and the council spend a lot of time in it while working and studying. A very modern and unique architecture with an extraordinary choice of perspectives as well as a fresh green color as a highlight, this building does not only represent many characteristics of the council but is also a place the council identifies itself with. Therefore the logo is based on its architecture. The graphic forms as well as the green color reflect their modern approach. The usage of the typefaces underline their young but at the same time trustworthy and well-tried maxim.





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